Monthly Archives: October 2006

Making Donuts

Last night while Andrea, Andrew and Matthew carved a couple of pumpkins (pictures of that later), Julia and I made donut balls. I had a recipe around for a while that I wanted to try. Our first couple burned the second we put them in the oil. I guess it was too hot 🙂

We figured out the right temperature and went to work.



For our first try, they weren’t too bad. They are sour cream-based, so they are a little heavy, and I probably should have cooked them slightly longer at a slightly lower temperature. But otherwise they were pretty good. We put icing sugar on them and it was just like being a a carnival!

Hit and RUN

Hey everyone I believe I have neglected to tell you all that my car was hit last Wednesday night. It was parked and I was just about to pull out to run to Walmart and an old man missed the turn and hit the drivers side of my car. He was going very slowly and seemed very confused. I yelled, “you hit my car!” and he told me it was my own **** fault because I was driving in the middle of the road. (Remember my car was PARKED) Hahahaha. He also refused to pullover and he drove away.
I am fine I was a tiny bit shook up but the insurance company has been very nice and are taking care of it all. They have also assured me that they believe the accident was 0% my fault, 100% the other drivers fault so my insurance premiums wouldn’t go up! Yeah!

Who knows by the end of this my car may even look better than it did before!!

Watching General Conference at home

This past weekend was General Conference time. In years past the Church had tried streaming video, but they didn’t have the bandwidth, so they stuck to basic audio. Then BYU teamed up with some company and started to offer streaming video of their TV station. It’s fantastic! I was working Saturday so I watched the first session of conference at work. I was then at the Church for the Saturday afternoon, Priesthood, and Sunday morning sessions. Then Sunday afternoon we decided to stay at home. I borrowed the projector from work and hooked it up to the laptop and Julia’s speakers, and we lounged around in our pajamas on the couch.

Julia, Andrea, and Lisa before conference started

You can see the laptop on the floor and the nice, large, clear picture of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the wall.


I just got back from my ultrasound and, much to our surprise, in the last week the baby has flipped and is now head down. I’m so relieved. Now we’re back on track for a natural birth. Junior’s not so junior though – 7 pounds already and 4 weeks to go!

Check out that little face…