Hey everyone I believe I have neglected to tell you all that my car was hit last Wednesday night. It was parked and I was just about to pull out to run to Walmart and an old man missed the turn and hit the drivers side of my car. He was going very slowly and seemed very confused. I yelled, “you hit my car!” and he told me it was my own **** fault because I was driving in the middle of the road. (Remember my car was PARKED) Hahahaha. He also refused to pullover and he drove away.
I am fine I was a tiny bit shook up but the insurance company has been very nice and are taking care of it all. They have also assured me that they believe the accident was 0% my fault, 100% the other drivers fault so my insurance premiums wouldn’t go up! Yeah!

Who knows by the end of this my car may even look better than it did before!!

3 Comments to “Hit and RUN”

  1. Graham says:

    Julia neglected to share “the rest of the story”… the cops went to his house but he still refused to come back so they charged him with leaving the scene of an accident.
    Also, Julia thought he’d been drinking. The cop smelled it on him too, but said since the man was now at home, they can’t do anything since he could have had a drink after he got home.

    Lastly, why do they call it hit and run? If the man had been running, there wouldn’t have been so much damage to the car. 🙂

  2. Evy says:

    I’m glad you’re ok & you weren’t “driving” in the middle of the road. I’m also happy to hear that he was caught! Well, just look at the bright side now your car gets a makeover!

  3. Julia Wing says:

    An update: Because the accident was not my fault, I was NOT required to pay the deductible.

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