Monthly Archives: November 2006

The Intelligence Genes!

They don’t give official report cards until June for J.K. so they ask the parents to come in and observe their child in the class and then meet with the teacher after class. Yesterday Graham and I went to school with Andrew. Before we left the house Andrew asked if we were excited to go to school with him and “see how excellent I am”. We replied with a chuckle and said, “actually we are excited to see how excellent you are.” The morning was pretty boring for us, but we did see how excellent and intelligent Andrew is. Mrs. Marr told us that Andrew was one of her most intelligent students and that he is functioning at the level of her S.K. students. He participates in discussions and always has the right answer, he’s her only J.K. student who can tell her the next number in their counting chart, such as what comes after 24? With a bit of help he can count to 100 and he’s been writing sentences. He does really well with his independent work and following the instructions, she said that she always helps the J.K. with that work but she never has to help Andrew. The only negative thing she said was that Andrew is bossy and he occasionally hits, kicks or spits. She has come up with a reward program to help Andrew always have a good day. It was nice to hear that 99% of the time he is excellent.

Merry Christmas! (Part II)

Hello everyone. I though I would write another post to clarify some things for Christmas. We are to spend $50 plus tax on our “pulled names” gifts.

For Christmas Eve gifts we have upped the value of the gifts to $10. Remember for the game to work it is VERY important that you tell no one else the contents of the gift. (I mean you Hilda St. House – esp. Mom) hahahaha

I already have my Christmas Eve gift! Everyone is going to want it!

Happy Shopping! Can’t wait to see everyone at Graham and Lisa’s house on the 3rd.

Updated family image gallery

I’m sure everyone will want to see the new baby, but since there’s no new yet (but soon!), here are some updates to the gallery: