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Christine dancing to Acapella by Karmin

Christine has been anxious to have something posted to YouTube. She thought the boys’ LEGO videos were neat, but she isn’t quite up to making her own. The other day she was dancing to Acapella, a new song by Karmin (which song Christine absolutely loves), and I told her I’d record it. Here she is, in all her dancing glory 🙂

March 2011 Trip to Florida – Day 7 (Saturday)

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for a week now! At least we still have another week to go 🙂

Today was supposed to be a slower day, but it didn’t really turn out that way. Grandma and Grandpa weren’t feeling well, so they stayed home while we went out. We went out for breakfast at Sizzlin’ Grill. They have a breakfast buffet that is $3.99. It wasn’t world class meal, but hey, for that price, you can’t complain too much. There was loads of food (eggs, ham, oatmeal, sausage, cereal, pudding, jello, salad, ice cream … I know, a weird mix), but for the 5 of us including tax and tip it was only $30.

After that we headed to Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf. It was a gorgeous day today, so it was nice to be outside enjoying the sun. Christine was free since she is 3, and Lisa was keeping score and taking pictures, so we just had to pay for the 3 boys.

At one point, the couple behind us saw Lisa taking a picture of us and offered to take a picture of all of us.

Andrew tried hard and did fairly well. Matthew would never let the ball stop and just keep hitting it, and would then tell us he only had 2 or 3. Christine would just randomly pick a number. “Christine, what did you get on that hole?” “Um, 17.” I think her total score was something like 170.

After golfing, we headed back to Downtown Disney again for the boys to buy the LEGO that they wanted. We also walked around a bit further up the walkways. We got as far as the Harley Davidson store, and got a picture of each of the kids on a big bike.

We also went to Shell World and got some groceries.

After being out for much of the day, we went back to the house and swam for an hour or so before dinner. After dinner the kids had their showers and then headed off to bed. Christine went to bed a little early, and when Andrew went in to sleep in the other bed in her room, we found Christine asleep slitting up. Her leg looked a little uncomfortable, too.

The rest of us just vegged out for the evening.

Sunday will be another day of rest, and then Monday we think we are headed back to SeaWorld, Tuesday to Aquatica, and Wednesday back to Busch Gardens. The week’s weather looks like it is going to be awesome!

March 2011 Trip to Florida – Day 3 (Tuesday)

The weather was beautiful again on Tuesday. I’m not sure what it got up to, but it must have gotten up to 22-25° C. We swam in the morning and then headed off to Downtown Disney Marketplace.

We were there for around 3 hours. It is a beautiful place. The sun was shining, there were lots of people around, and the stores are great. We started off in the main Disney store so we could try to find some princess things for Christine.

We were originally looking for some gloves or a tiara. We saw both, but Christine chose an Aurora toy instead. We couldn’t believe how many girls were going through the Bibbity Bobbity  Boutique. What a money maker for Disney!

Another main destination was the LEGO store. Unfortunately, the existing store was under renovation, so they had a temporary location setup. They had lots of sets to buy, but that was about it. They only had one “life-size” character to get a picture of, and there was no place outside where the kids could build things. It was disappointing, but the boys still managed to make a list of a half dozen sets they wanted.

We went in a bunch of other stores, and then headed back home for lunch and some quiet time. The kids aren’t able to fall asleep at their normal time, and get up earlier than normal in the morning, and after a few days, they were getting particularly annoyed with one another. Andrew also wasn’t feeling that great. By mid-afternoon they had gotten up and we went swimming again.

We had an early dinner and then dropped off Grandma and Grandpa at the outlet mall that Lisa and I were at earlier in the week. The rest of us headed back to Downtown Disney.

We went by the T-Rex Cafe and the kids dug for dinosaur bones.

We also went into a couple of other stores that we had already gone in to earlier in the day. My camera battery had died, so I needed to take some more pictures.

We had a great day, and I’m sure we’ll end up back at Downtown Disney a few more times before we go.

On Wednesday we are going to Busch Gardens…

2008 year in review – 2009 look ahead

For our Family Home Evening this past week we reviewed the year and talked about what we were looking forward to this year.
Here, in no particular order, is our list of things that were noteworthy in 2008:

  • Andrew ate lots of Nanna’s hospital food
  • Andrew got 2 trophies from bowling in the summer
  • Lisa got a new calling (released as Primary Music Leader and called as Enrichment Leader)
  • We got a new van
  • Andrew got his own room
  • Matthew got his own room (because Andrew got his own room)
  • Matthew got out of Nursery and started Sunbeams
  • We got some of the bathroom redone
  • Christine kept getting cuter
  • Graham kept his calling
  • Matthew learned how to write his name
  • Andrew learned to tie his shoe laces
  • Christine learned to walk (it was a Christmas miracle)
  • Andrew passed a swimming course
  • Matthew passed a swimming course (Sea Turtle)
  • We put in new tiles in the kitchen
  • Andrew really got into LEGO
  • Christine says “Hi” to everyone
  • We spent a lot of time at the hospital visiting Nanny, Mom, and other people
  • Andrew spent the March Break at Grandma and Grandpa’s house
  • Graham started a monthly father/son night
  • Andrew started grade 1
  • Matthew started JK
  • Christine turned 1
  • Matthew turned 4
  • Andrew turned 6
  • Andrew was the student of the month in SK
  • Lisa went in her first craft sale
  • We went to Buckhorn

Here are some things were are looking forward to in 2009, or things we would like to change (quasi-resolutions):

  • Andrew will start grade 2 and turn 7
  • Matthew will start SK and turn 5
  • Christine will turn 2
  • We will go to Florida in February
  • Julia will get married in March
  • Both boys want to pass another swimming course
  • Matthew would like to whine less (honestly, he said this himself)
  • Andrew will listen better
  • Lisa will be more fun (when she said this, the boys yelled out, “Yay!”)
  • Lisa will exercise more regularly
  • Graham will be less of a “junker” (this is the boys nickname for Graham because he always gives them junk food)
  • Graham will keep working on the house
  • As a family, we’d like to do monthly service for someone
  • Lisa and Graham want to get to the temple every month.

In case you were wondering, Graham and Andrew stayed up till midnight on New Year’s Eve. Matthew was allowed to, but was too tired to stay up so he went to bed. Lisa was obviously allowed to stay up, but slept on the couch for a couple of hours. Lisa, Graham, and Matthew were up for the actual date change at midnight.