Hey family,

I added a picture of my room, I took a few but I can not figure out how to add more that one picture.

Anyway life in Calgary so far is great. My roommates are so nice. They have helped me to feel really welcome. I am completely unpacked now so that feels great.

The job scene here to dental hygienists is insane. It is every bit as good as I have been told. Institute starts next week which I am excited about and the activities this week (Welcome Week) have been really fun. Yesterday was rollerblading (my ankles hurt!) , and tonight is a corn roast, and tomorrow is an outdoor dance, I am excited about the outdoor dance that will be fun.

So that is it for now, keep me updated with family happenings,



4 Comments to “Update”

  1. Alisa says:

    I love your Tinkerbell pillow!

    Glad to hear things are going well. I’ll call you this weekend for an update.

  2. Julia Wing says:

    awesome. And I love that pillow too!

  3. Evy says:

    Looks roomy. Is it?

  4. Julia Wing says:

    It is very roomy. I love the hard wood floors, and it is nice and bright. I also do not have a lot with me right now so it seems even roomier.

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