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Trip to Palmyra

On Tuesday, July 18, a group of youth and their families from Church went to Palmyra, NY to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant and to tour some of the sites there. We had a great day. I made a trip log (times of events, license plates, etc), but I’m sure I’d just be made fun of if I included it 🙂

Early in the day Andrew said he wanted to have his picture taken with the Nephites, and later in the evening when the cast members come out to hand out the programs, Andrew got his picture take with Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel.

Andrew with Nephi, Laman and Lemuel

You can see the pictures of the trip in the 20060718 Trip to Palmyra gallery.


The long, arduous journey of finding a stroller has ended. Why are they all so ugly? We spent most of the day driving to every single baby store in the GTA trying to find a stroller that wasn’t hideous and also wasn’t $700. Much harder than you’d think.


Now we can cross one more thing off our list…

Bi-weekly (Saturday) Gallery Update

I actually had stuff to do today at work, and almost didn’t get to this, but what would a Saturday be without a gallery update?! So here it is:

  • 20060406 Our Stay at the Great Wolf Lodge
    Back in April we were able to stay at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for free (I knew someone who knew someone…). The place is amazing! There is lots for the kids to do, and there is a huge water park. We were there for 15 minutes and Lisa said she wanted to live there. And every time we drive near the place, Andrew asks when we can go back.
  • 20060713 Trip to Niagara Falls
    There is a new Ferris wheel in Niagara Falls called the Niagara SkyWheel. I had a bunch of free passes, so we all (Mom didn’t go) went to the Falls and went up in the wheel and then went to Boston Pizza for dinner.

Saturday image gallery update

So… I’ve put up 2 new galleries:

  • 20060626 Playing in Niagara Falls
    As you could probably tell by a previous post, for a Family Home Evening activity recently we went to Niagara Falls. All the employees had been given free passes to the new Niagara SkyWheel, and we also had some leftover mini-putt passes. Lisa wouldn’t go up in the Ferris wheel with us, but she did mini-putt. It was all good, including the awesome funnel cakes we had inside the Great Canadian Midway (the big arcade).
  • 20060701 Matthew’s 2nd Birthday
    Lisa invited everyone to go to Happy Rolf’s on Canada Day for Matthew’s birthday party. He’s 2! We had KFC for lunch, lots of strawberries, and an amazing birthday cake. We saw the animals, fed the ducks, and threw rocks (we can’t go to Happy Rolf’s without throwing rocks). There were 17 people there in total, and Matthew was spoiled!

The Brainiacs are back!

Hello to all! I forgot to mention the brilliance of my two oldest children. Some of you might already know but, both Ryan & Lillian got perfect report cards! Ryan got straight A1A’s (A in academics, 1 for outstanding effort, A in conduct) and Lillian had straight E’s for excellence and her comments said Outstanding Reader!! We will celebrate with many free games of bowling. Of course, I’m bragging but hey, you all think your children are brilliant too, right? Maybe it’s the Rizo genes…..