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Saturday update to Wing Family Image Gallery

Another Saturday, more pictures…

  • 20060618 Father’s Day – These are pictures of me, Andrew, and Matthew opening my present. Everyone went to Alisa and Jason’s house for dinner, but I didn’t take my camera in, so I have no pictures for it. But the food was great and we had a good time.
  • 20060619 Trip to Ball’s Falls – Our activity for Family Home Evening on Monday was going to Ball’s Falls. It was a beautiful evening, and so we had a nice hike. There are some great pictures of Andrew and Matthew here.

Wing Family Gallery update

Another Saturday, another boring day, more galleries posted…

  • 20060508 Visit to Happy Rolph’s
    We went to Happy Rolph’s after Family Home Evening a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful evening. We fed the ducks and of course threw rocks. There are some good pictures of Andrew and Matthew by the lake.
  • 20060514 Mother’s Day
    We had our Mother’s Day dinner at our house. We had amazing pork and chicken kabobs. I think the Moms were happy with the day.

FHE – The Creation

On Monday for Family Home Evening I taught a lesson on the creation. Each of us drew one of the “days” of the creation and then I summarized the story of the creation from Genesis. We tried to explain to Andrew that it was like following a recipe… there were different steps involved. Then we made a list of different features of animals (antlers, hooves, tails, scales, tusks, etc) and we each made our own animal. As you can see, we may be creative, but we can’t draw!

NOTE: You can click on each picture to view a larger version.


This is Lisa’s drawing of a Crocduckphant. It is part elephant (the head), part crocodile (the body and tail) and part duck (the webbed feet).


This was my drawing of a Lirootle. It has the head of a lion, the lower body of a kangaroo and the shell of a turtle.


This is Julia’s drawing of a Schmalopolus. She explains in the drawing what it is made of.


This is Andrea’s drawing of an Underwater Slithermoose. It has the body of a snake, antlers and hooves of a moose, and a fin and tail like a fish.