Monthly Archives: April 2006

First Pictures

Hey everyone, Alisa and I went for an ultrasound this morning. I think the OB told us that the baby weighed in at 2 oz.. although I could be wrong I was totally mesmerized with watching the little guy squirm around. Very neat, I look forward to seeing more at the next appointment in early June.

Oh yeah it doesn’t look like we are having twins.. 🙂

So here are the first pics…

b2_4-27-06.jpg b1_4-27-06.jpg

A Parliament of Owls

What?! Who comes up with the names for groups of animals and birds? Julia bought Who Wants to Be A Millionaire at Value Village for $2. We’ve played it several times over the last few days. Last night while playing with Lisa’s parents (who were here for the weekend), one of the questions was asking what a group of owls was called. The options were Senate, Congress, Parliament and Government. I guessed Congress, but the correct answer was Parliament. Weird!

Updated family image gallery

Yeah, I know I’m slow, eh! Today I finally got around to posting more images to the family gallery. I haven’t posted pictures since January… yikes!

Also, since I hadn’t posted since January, I missed that Alisa had posted a picture of their dog and cat. You can see that here.

If anyone’s counting, there are 1,436 images in the “new” gallery. I still have a lot of the old ones to move over.


I am sitting at my desk right now reading the owners manual of my new MP3 player, and admiring my cool headphones. Thanks you soooooo much to Mom, Dad, Nanny, Alisa, Jason, Graham and Lisa for the gift. I love it! It is very cool. I had a fantastic birthday. The food was fantastic, and I think everyone had a wonderful time.

I am looking forward to milking it on Wednesday,using the excuse…. “oh but it’s my birthday!”

Thanks for a wonderful night! I am looking forward to writing a to-do list in my new notepad!