This month is such a special one, it’s birthday time for you.
We’d really like to celebrate your happy day with you.
Zip-a-dee-ay and high-dee-ho, here’s something we can do.
We’ll sing a song that we all know, Happy Birthday, to you!

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You can listen to the song here.

Happy 28th (oops, that you’re “real age“), I mean 21st birthday!

3 Comments to “Happy Birthday Andi”

  1. Graham says:

    Can’t you just imagine Lisa singing that in Primary with the kids. Well, I don’t need to imagine it, I lived it this past Sunday 🙁

    Happy Birthday Andrea!

  2. alisa says:

    Happy birthday! We’ll see you tomorrow.

  3. Julia says:

    Happy Birthday Andrea! I am excited about your present!!! I hope you like and not return it four times like our older brother, hahah.

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