Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

March 2011 Trip to Florida – Day 8 (Sunday)

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We went to Church in the morning (Grandma and Grandpa stayed home since they weren’t feeling well). The Sacrament Meeting was very good. The last speaker did a particularly good job speaking about the need for more kindness in the world.

When we got back, the kids swam, Lisa relaxed in the sun, and I got lunch ready. We all had “quiet time”, and then swam some more in the afternoon.

Christine is just like the boys were at her age. She says she doesn’t want to swim, but then wants to play in or near the water. We tell her she has to put her bathing suit on, and says no, and then comes back and says she wants to put her bathing suit on. Once she gets in, she puts her face in the water on her own and has a great time. I’m sure she’ll get more comfortable as time goes on.

After dinner we went for a short walk. We saw lots of small palm trees (which Matthew loves) and a spider about the size of my thumb being eaten by little ants. Gross! As we came back to the house, the kids got a picture taken in front of an orange tree in the back yard.

Jeff and Ryan came by after the ball game, but before dinner to say hi to everyone. Jeff also helped me give Grandma a blessing. Jeff and Ryan then headed to Chef Mickey’s for dinner. They got back after midnight and left Monday morning around 5 am, so we didn’t see them again.

After a restful Sunday, we are headed back to Busch Gardens on Monday for the day…