After the initial request for comments I sent out and the limited response, I have gone ahead and done the drawing for the 2009 Christmas Gift Exchange. I do have to confess that I did get one request to rig the election, but my high moral values wouldn’t let this happen (or the person didn’t offer me enough to make it worth my while!). I did this about 3 weeks earlier this year than last.

I’m pretty sure that once again no one is buying for anyone that they have bought for since we started this. This will be the last year this will happen so next year some people will need to buy for someone they’ve already purchased for.

So, here are the arrangements:

  • Alisa buys for Brianna Julia
  • Andrea buys for Ron
  • Brianna buys for Jason Mom
  • Dad buys for Nanny
  • Graham buys for Alisa
  • Jason buys for Lisa
  • Julia buys for Jason
  • Lisa buys for Julia Brianna
  • Mom buys for Andrea
  • Nanny buys for Graham
  • Ron buys for Dad

We will continue with the $50 amount. There is no rule about spending exactly $50 to the penny, and no rule about whether it is $50 including tax or $50 plus tax. Just get something nice for the person that is close to $50.

I assume we will be hosting the traditional Christmas Eve party at our house again, but Lisa can send more details about that later.

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2 Comments to “2009 Christmas Gift Exchange”

  1. Andrea says:

    I think we should change the price.

    My suggestion…

    A minimum of $40. If the giver chooses to spend more, whether they financially can or they find something they know that person will love for maybe a bit more than our current max, they can get the best possible gift for that person.

    • Graham says:

      I emailed the ten people participating, and only one person mentioned possibly changing the amount. Since the other nine didn’t say anything, then I took that to mean that they didn’t have an opinion on it.

      It doesn’t have to be exactly $50. I’m sure if you spend $40 or $60 that would be fine.

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