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Buckhorn in Summer 2008

One of the highlights of the summer is going up to Buckhorn. Some of the family are lucky enough to be there for the full two weeks. We were able to be there for parts of 6 or 7 days (essentially 4 days the first weekend, 2 days the last weekend). Every year I comment how beautiful it is and how I wish I could stay longer. The weather wasn’t as nice as years past, but there was still lots to do.

The first trip up, the boys “swam”, we walked, and we relaxed. We went to the Whetung Ojibwa Art and Crafts Gallery. We also had an adventure at the Lakefield Fair. The second trip up, we went into Peterborough, went mini-putting, and excavated pieces of the Canadian shield for Lisa’s parents (thanks for your help Dad and Jason). Whether it was the first or second trip, Christine insisted on staying up late and waking up early. I guess cottage life was just too exciting for her.

I took loads of pictures. As is usually the case, you can see some of the thumbnails below, and see the rest of the thumbnails and larger versions in the Buckhorn in Summer 2008 gallery.

It seems like it is tradition now that we have a party each year. Two years ago we had a shower for Alisa. Last year we had a shower for Lisa. This year we decided to have a party on Andrew’s birthday. Lisa parents (Andrew’s Grandma and Grandpa) came up for the afternoon and we had a party in the “party room”. You can see pictures specifically from the party in the 20080727 Andrew’s Family Birthday Party in Buckhorn gallery.

Note: There are now 4,100 images in 175 categories

Mom and Dad’s 40th Anniversary

Brian Wing married Marsha Roberts on June 21, 1968. This year was their 40th Anniversary. Unfortunately, Mom was in the hospital during that time, so they didn’t have much of a chance to celebrate. Dad picked up some food from Kelsey’s and they ate together at the hospital.

While we were up at the cottage, we noticed a painting that the Buckhorn tourist association was selling as a fundraiser. It was a beautiful painting of a heron. I contacted the all of the siblings and spouses, and we all went together and bought it for them. On Sunday, August 17, 2008 we told Mom and Dad we were going to have a family dinner while Julia was visiting. When they showed up, we had some decorations (red for the “ruby” anniversary), and had a bit of a party. Mom and Dad had no idea and were happily surprised. After dinner, we gathered in the living room and we gave Mom and Dad a card. Once that was opened, I gave them the painting. They loved it! Dad teared up (he always says he is pulling a Poppa), and they both were very thankful.

I took a few pictures and put them in the 20080817 Mom and Dad’s 40th Anniversary dinner. You can see some (but not all) of the thumbnails below:

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Christine’s 8th, 9th, and 10th Month

I was trying to post pictures monthly, but it ended up being every other month. Now it’s been three months since the last time. But hey… at least I’m right on the day… today Christine is 10 months old! I’ve done the usual thing and posted pictures in the 20080804 Christine’s 8th, 9th, and 10th Month gallery. These aren’t all of them (there are 18 pictures), but here is a selection of thumbnails:

A lot has happened in the last three months. She’s still as squirmy as ever. She can crawl, and motors around pretty quickly. She can also stand up in her playpen or while holding onto the couch (or other similar things). When you try to walk with her she doesn’t really want to. She wants to get down and crawl away. It’s probably good she can’t walk as when she does, she’ll be everywhere!

She’s a big girl! At her 9 month checkup she weighed 22 pounds. She now has 4 teeth. The front two on the top and bottom are all in at different lengths. She has figured out how to grind her teeth so she can hear them make a noise. She tries to say a couple of words. She says “dada” a lot, occasionally says “mama”, and tries to say “all done” or “ta da”.

She is still a very happy baby. She cries a little more than she used to when she is hungry or when she wants to crawl around, but more often than not she’s smiling, “talking”, and laughing. Andrew and Matthew can really get her going. It’s hilarious to see.

I guess that’s about it. I won’t wait three months before the next posting. I’ll be sure to post right after she turns 1.

Huge image gallery update

I admit it. I can be pretty lazy sometimes (just ask Lisa)! We could debate in what area of my life I am the most lazy, but one thing’s for sure… I haven’t been very good at keeping the site up-to-date. While I was at the cottage I got a bunch of pictures ready and I’ve posted some galleries (14 different galleries to be exact). I know some of them are getting old, but I figured I’d post them anyway.

As a side note, the picture gallery now has 3,896 pictures in it!