Yes, I know I’m a bit late, but Christine reached 3 months on Jan 4. I’ve posted pictures in the Christine’s Third Month gallery

She is doing great! She seems to be able to recognize us now. She especially recognizes Lisa as she gets the biggest smiles. Lisa loves putting all the colourful clothing on her. Her favourite outfit is a polka dot dress with striped leotards (there should be some pictures in the family gallery above).

Christine spends a lot of time doing tummy crunches. I guess she is still trying to keep her girlish figure. She does not like to be lying down. She likes to sit up and look around. Some people say she always looks like she is surprised (as shown by the picture above).

She is still throwing up a little after eating. The boys and I have started calling her Puke-adot (Lisa’s favourite dress plus Christine’s favourite habit).

Here’s a sneak peak for next month… she rolled over yesterday!

Lastly, when Julia was here she bought a new web cam and gave us her old one. If any of the non-locals want to see the kids, get one for your computer and we can “chat”… like Julia and Aden 🙂

One Comment to “Christine’s Third Month”

  1. Julia Wing says:

    Web chatting is fun! Christine is so cute!

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