Halloween 2007

Another year, another Halloween. I guess since they are getting a little older, Andrew and Matthew were particularly excited about Halloween this year. Lisa bought a few decorations and put them up. For one of our Family Home Evening activities we made a haunted gingerbread house. Andrew got to wear his costume to school on Halloween. He was Frankenstein. Matthew was a fireman (with a dog in its pocket, as he had to tell everyone when he went trick or treating). Christine was a zebra (courtesy of Mom). Lisa stayed home to give out candy while I took the boys out and pushed Christine in the stroller. The boys both got a lot of candy, and then we headed to Hilda Street where they got some more. I’ve taken pictures from most of these things and you can see them in the Halloween 2007 gallery.

One of the things Andrew was most excited about happened a few days after Halloween. He got a new book called 13 Ghosts of Halloween. It had a “song” that was to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas. Here are the words:


On the twelfth stroke of midnight
Oh, nothing frightens me!
Not twelve vampires rising
Eleven goblins giggling
Ten werewolves howling
Nine witches cackling
Eight mummies moaning
Seven spiders grinning
Five bogeymen
Four darting bats
Three black cats
Two shrunken heads
Or a vulture in a dead tree

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