I can’t believe it. I’m finally caught up!  I’ll try to post things as they happen instead of putting them all up at once.

Here are the last (and most recent) galleries:

  • 20070728 – 20070801 Buckhorn – The annual trip up to Buckhorn is always fantastic. Graham went up for a few days, and then dropped off the boys at Lisa’s parent’s house on the way home. Lisa stayed up at the cottage for the full week.
  • 20070905 and 20070910 Andrew’s First Day of School and Taking the Bus – Andrew started Junior Kindergarten this year. There is a phased in start to the school where the kids go with a parent, and then for a regular day but in a smaller class. Everyone is together at the start of the second week. That is also when the bus starts. Andrew is taking the bus to school this year and is very excited about it.
  • 20070924 Bronto’s Adventure Playland – There is a new attraction on Clifton Hill called Bronto’s Adventure Playland. It is essentially just a big indoor jungle gym. The boys loved it!

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