I got a job. Graham told me to post about it.

I’ll be working for my professor Dr. Dean Knight. He was the director of the dig I went on this summer. He is in the process of writing a paper to be published later this year and he needs someone to be in charge of the graphics, maps, pictures, and to alter and photoshop certain pictures. For example, he has one picture that he scanned that was on graph paper and I need to remove the graph lines. I’ll be classified as his research assistant. Pretty cool.

Once we’re done the manuscript I’ll be working in the lab in the archaeology department with him.

That’s it for now. Ta Ta

3 thoughts on “Job

  1. Graham

    Thanks for the details Brie. I didn’t know you were such a graphic artist… actually, we realized you had those graphic skills when you were colouring Scooby-Doo with Andrew today.

  2. Julia Wing

    Brie that is so cool! That is amazing. I didn’t know you could do all that. I assumed it is paid, but do you also get some form of credit as well? Congratulations

  3. Brie

    no. no credit. it’s a real job.

    $10 an hour. dean said today that i’ll be working for about 10 hours a week. i’ll be starting in the next week hopefully.


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