We’ve been home for a couple of weeks now, and I had some time today to get all the pictures ready from Buckhorn. Other than Mom’s broken arm, everyone had an awesome time. I wish I was rich and could just stay up there on the lake!

Anyway, the main 20060809-14 Trip to Buckhorn gallery has been broken out into the 6 days that Lisa, Andrew, Matthew and I were there:

Day 01 – 20060809 Trip to Buckhorn
We got to the cottage just before dinner. Andrew wanted to go fishing, so there are some great pictures of Dad (Poppa), Andrew and Matthew fishing.

Day 02 – 20060810 Trip to Buckhorn
I got up early in the morning and saw 5 different herons. I got some good pictures of them. There are also pictures from when Lisa and Andrew went into Whitby for the afternoon to see Karen’s new baby Courtney.

Day 03 – 20060811 Trip to Buckhorn
We went swimming at the “Sandy Beach” with Nanny and Julia. This was the night we had our annual dinner at Swiss Chalet. And of course in the evening we had the Baby Shower for Alisa and Jason.

Day 04 – 20060812 Trip to Buckhorn
I got some more pictures of the herons. Dad had taken Nanny to meet Heather, so I fished with the boys. Later on we went mini-putting in Peterborough.

Day 05 – 20060813 Trip to Buckhorn
After going to Church in the morning, we stayed around the cottage. There are some pictures out on the boat, and of a campfire we had in the evening.
Day 06 – 20060814 Trip to Buckhorn
There are a few pictures from around the cottage, and then pictures from the Peterborough Zoo. There are a couple of pictures of Matthew after he fell.

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