Monthly Archives: August 2006

Andrew The Entertainer Returns

A few weeks ago we got some picutres of the kids in Florida, I placed them on a shelf in my room along with a picture of my neice Melanie and a few of our wedding photos. Last Monday Andrew wanted to look at them, so he sat in the living room and asked me who everybody was. After a few minutes I left him there so I could go and get ready for an appointment. I was in the washroom washing my face and I could hear Andrew talking to himself in the living room, so I turned off the water so I could hear him better. I heard Andrew asking, “do you have any Melanie’s?, Oh, thanks. Do you have any Ryan’s, Go fish. Do you have any Laurens, Oh thanks.” It was hilarious!

FHE – Service

Last Sunday we had a welfare specialist for the Church speak in Sacrament meeting, and provided some training for the Ward leaders. Along those lines, our Family Home Evening lesson was on service. We talked about how important it is to help other people, and then we did something similar to the “service auction” that the Relief Society sometimes does. We each wrote down several things we could do, and then we agreed on who would do what for whom.

Graham is going to:

  • Help Julia with her computer
  • BBQ Lick’s burgers for Lisa
  • Toast marshmellows and hot dogs to perfection for Andrea

Julia is going to:

  • Wash Andrea’s car
  • Babysit while Lisa goes to the temple
  • Take Graham to the Bulk Barn for some snacks

Lisa is going to:

  • Take Julia for a walk and have ice cream
  • Watch a movie with Andrea and make her popcorn
  • Make Graham a yummy breakfast

Andrea is going to:

  • Wash Julia’s car
  • Take kids to Happy Rolph’s so L&G can have “love” time (her words, not mine!)
  • Babysit for Graham while he goes to the temple

Andrew the Entertainer

Andrew is hilarious! As he learns new words or phrases, or copies what we have said, and then says them in his little voice, it ends up sounding very funny. A couple of examples…

For Andrew’s birthday, Andrea came over and slept in a tent with him overnight. She was cleaning up the tent in the morning, and she tripped over some of the equipment. Andrew was sitting on his little chair under the tree, and said, “Why you trippin’ Andi?” Word!

For the next example, first a bit of background. There seems to be a lot of cats in the neighbourhood, and since we have all that land, they come over and kill birds on our property. I usually pick the dead birds up with a shovel and throw them in the ditch along the side property. I figure an animal will get to it soon enough. So, this past Saturday we had our annual Ward Picnic at Burgoyne Woods. There are train tracks that run by the park, and Lisa was walking near them with the boys. She told them they couldn’t go up to the tracks, because if a train came by, they may get hit and hurt, or even die. Andrew then said, “And then Daddy would have to throw me in the ditch.”