Birthday Banner

As much as I love the banner that Jason created for Dad’s birthday, I feel that the writing would be better suited in the middle or left side so as not to block my face. I haven’t been that cute for quite awhile and would hate to see my early years forgotten.

Sorry it’s taken so long to post my first comment but I have been very busy with stake business. At least phone business has returned to normal.

We just saw “Legacy” for FHE (my first time) and enjoyed it. Kids are sleeping like angels and Evy and I are finishing up for the night. Will comment again in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Banner

  1. Alisa


    Wait until it’s your birthday and Jason fills the banner space with photos of you being bathed in Nanny’s kitchen sink. You’ll miss the days of a simply having a ‘gs’ on your face.


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