A year or so ago we hired a web marketer at work and he insisted on a good scanner. It had the accessories to scan negatives, and I used it a couple of times and just saved the pictures. I was looking at them the other day, and saw this picture. I didn’t know who it was at first (I’m not good at that), but Lisa knew right away. You can click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture.


Yep, It’s Evy and Ryan. I’m not sure if she’s poking him in the eye, tickling him, shoving something into his mouth, or trying to get something out of his mouth.

I figured it was ok to post the picture because the water blurs out certain… things 🙂

Buckhorn… good times!

One Comment to “Who’s this?”

  1. Julia says:

    Wow that picture was taken 8 years ago, that is amazing! Ryan you look so tiny and cute!

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