So I made it alive and well. I went for 36 hours without sleeping so last night’s sleep was very welcome. Everyone in Bermuda is extremely nice! The cars always honk hello to each other and many times random people say hi to us on the streets. The scooters are terrifying. I refused to learn how to drive one cause I didn’t trust myself so today I drove with Matt. There were gail force winds and we had to go over a bridge that had ocean on either side. TERRIFYING! and we had to go really fast cause if we went too slow the wind would have blown us over. Hopefully tomorrow I’m more used to them.

 We’re staying at the dockyard which is a big fort turned into a museum so we’re fully guarded on all sides. Lots of canons and 3m thick walls. It’s gorgeous and I’ve already taken lots of pictures.

Today was our first day on site. Didn’t do much but some surface collections and then washed the artifacts and catalogued them. No postmolds.

 The flight was a lot of fun. Flying into Bermuda was the best cause we could look down and see the ocean and the beaches and the water is the coolest colour of turquiose EVER. I don’t think pictures will do it justice. Oh, and when we got off the plane there was a band playing music for us.

 The wind is constant. IT NEVER STOPS! To get from our lounging/kitchen area to our dorm room and bathrooms we have to walk outside through this tunnel. It’s like a windtunnel out there right now. I almost fell over a few minutes ago. But the constant wind makes the heat bearable. Even though it’s so hot, because of the wind we usually wear sweaters on site. So I probably won’t be getting a tan.

Laura says hi.

Not much else going on right now. I should go now. Bye


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  1. Graham says:

    Thanks for the update Brianna!
    The wind reminds of Taiwan and the water reminds of the Bahamas… of course those were back when I was a world traveler 🙂

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