Daily Archives: January 30, 2006

Love One Another

Andrea’s FHE lesson tonight was Love One Another. At the end of it she had us play an activity called “Guess who loves me”. We were supposed to say something that someone in the family did for us (without saying who it was) and we were supposed to guess who it was. At first we found it difficult to think of things. With family, we often take for granted the loving, simple things we all do for each other. But when a person who isn’t in the family does it, we notice it more. Anyway, once we got going, we could think of all sorts of things that people had done for us (computer help, dinners, birthday parties, babysitting, helping move, feeding us/clothing us, etc).

Happy 89th Birthday Nanny!

I remember when Ryan was born, Nanny said that if she lived to be a hundred, she’d see him go on a mission. Well, that was 8 years ago, and she’s still going strong! Only 11 more to go. And then another 5 years for Andrew 🙂

 Happy Birthday Nanny!