November 18-20, 2002 Vacation to Cleveland/Kirtland/Mentor, Ohio

Monday, November 18, 2002

Time  Activity
  Breakfast at home
8:30 Left to get money, gas, air, and oil
9:15 On QEW headed to Fort Erie
Kept track of all of the different license plates we saw while travelling.
10:30 Stopped at a NY rest stop for ~5 minutes
11:15 Stopped in PA at Wendy's for lunch
12:00 On the road again
13:20 Arrived in Kirtland. Visit
Drove by sites, including Chapin Forest Reservation where the Stannard Quarry is located (although we didn't stop at the quarry area)
14:00 Arrived at Clarion Hotel Cleveland East in Wickliffe, Ohio.
Stayed in Room 415
Went swimming with Andrew
Had a short nap
16:30 Left for dinner in Mentor at Ponderosa
Went to Great Lakes Mall after dinner
19:30 Back at hotel
Graham went swimming
Rest of the night in the hotel room

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Time  Activity
8:45 Stopped at McDonald's drivethru for breakfast then left for Cleveland
9:00 Hit rush hour traffic
9:30 Arrived at Museum of Natural History, but it didn't open until 10:00 so we wandered around the grounds
10:00 Toured the Museum of Natural History
12:00 Headed downtown to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
12:30 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was too expensive so we went to the Great Lakes Science Centre next door
Had lunch there
15:00 Left and drove around Cleveland
15:30 Headed back to Wickliffe.
Loafed in room

Headed back to Mentor for dinner @ Denny's
Then looked in a few other stores

19:30 Back at hotel
Swimming with Andrew
Rest of the night in the hotel room

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Time  Activity
8:15 Graham to exercise room
8:45 Lisa and Andrew join Graham at Pool
9:30 Back up in room to clean up and get ready to leave
10:50 Check out
11:00 Denny's for brunch
11:50 Headed to new Historic Kirtland Visitor's Centre for directions to the John Johnson Farm
12:05 Left for John Johnson Farm
12:50 Arrived at John Johnson Farm
14:00 Left to go back to Kirtland
14:45 Arrived at Kirtland Temple Visitor's Centre
15:00 Movie started
Taken on tour of temple and grounds. Visit
15:50 Tour ends
Lisa fed Andrew in the car
Graham walked around Kirtland Mills Burying Grounds (old cemetary beside temple)
16:15 Got gas and air

Arrived at Historic Kirtland Visitor's Centre
Toured Newel K. Whitney Store
Toured Newel K. Whitney Home
Toured John Johnson Inn

17:50 Left for dinner at TGI Fridays
18:00 Dinner at Ponderosa. TGI Fridays was too busy
18:58 On I-90 headed back home
10:08 Pulled into driveway at 36 Laird Drive


License Plates

We saw the following plates:

  1. TX
  2. MN
  3. OH
  4. NY
  5. PA
  6. IN
  7. FL
  8. UT
  9. CA
  10. IL
  11. QU
  12. ON
  13. MI
  14. TN
  15. OK
  16. NC
  17. WI
  18. KY
  19. MD
  20. AL