Theobald Traves ‏[Signeur of]‏  ‏(I4875)‏
Surname: Traves
Given Names: Theobald
Surname Suffix: ‏[Signeur of]‏

Gender: MaleMale
Personal Facts and Details
Globally unique Identifier DA63EC6D3AA27C4E9FF4C34EF2A6B4346034
Last Change 22 March 2001 - 22:26:36
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Immediate Family  (F1104)
Mrs Theobald Traves
1066 -
Alice Traves
1090 -

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Close Relatives
Family with Mrs Theobald Traves
Mrs Theobald Traves ‎(I4219)‎
Birth about 1066
Alice Traves ‎(I2885)‎
Birth about 1090 24