@N.N. ‏[Concubine 3]‏  ‏(I3316)‏
Given Names: ‏[Concubine 3]‏

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: about 939 Of, Normandy, France
Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 939 Of, Normandy, France

Marriage Richard I "The Normandy - Not Married

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Immediate Family  (F1418)
Richard I "The Normandy
933 - 996
Miss De Normandy
956 -

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Close Relatives
Family with Richard I "The Normandy
Richard I "The Normandy ‎(I3311)‎
Birth about 933 37 55 Of, Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
Death 20 November 996 ‏(Age 63)‏ Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
6 years

@N.N. ‏[Concubine 3]‏ ‎(I3316)‎
Birth about 939 Of, Normandy, France

Marriage:   -- Not Married
Miss De Normandy ‎(I3318)‎
Birth about 956 Of, Frnc, Normandy, France