Henry I King England + Ansfride ‏(Family name unknown)‏ ‏[Concubine 2]‏

Children  ‎(3 children)‎
Richard Prince Of England ‎(I2684)‎
Birth before 1101 31 32 Of, Abingdon Abbey, Berkshire, England
Death 26 November 1119 ‏(Age 18)‏ At Sea, Barfleur, Manche, France
Fulk Prince Of England ‎(I2685)‎
Birth about 1102 32 33 Of, Abingdon Abbey, Berkshire, England
Juliane Princess Of England ‎(I2686)‎
Birth about 1102 32 33 Of, westminster, Middlesex, England
Death Fontevrault L'Ab, Maine-Et-Loire, France

Parents Grandparents
Henry I King England ‎(I2651)‎
Birth 1070 45 44 Selby, Yorkshire, England
Death 1 December 1135 ‏(Age 65)‏ St. Denis, Seine-St. Denis, France
William I "The Conqueror ‏[Duke of Normand‏ ‎(I2717)‎
Birth 14 October 1024 25 21 Falaise, Calvados, France
Death 10 September 1087 ‏(Age 62)‏ Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
Matilda Countess Of Flanders ‏[Queen of Englan‏ ‎(I2718)‎
Birth about 1026 51 49 Of, France, Flanders, France
Death 2 November 1083 ‏(Age 57)‏ Caen, Caen, Calvados, France

Ansfride ‏(Family name unknown)‏ ‏[Concubine 2]‏ ‎(I2683)‎
Birth about 1069 Of, Sparshalt, Berkshire, England
Burial Abingdon Abbey, Berkshire, England

Family Group Information   (F955)
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