Humphrey Munning + Elizabeth Winthrop

Children  ‎(No children)‎

Parents Grandparents
Humphrey Munning ‎(I2279)‎
Birth 11 October 1562 45 48 Freston, Suffolk, England, England
Death 24 June 1624 ‎(Age 61)‎
Humphrey Munning ‎(I2263)‎
Birth about 1517 29 25 Nedging, Suffolk, Eng
Death 1596 ‎(Age 79)‎ Semer, Suffolk, Eng
Ellen Ungle ‎(I2264)‎
Birth 1514 Semor, Suffolk, Eng

Elizabeth Winthrop ‎(I2280)‎
Birth about 1565

Family Group Information   (F772)

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