John Jelliman + Margerie ‏(Family name unknown)‏

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
Martha ‏(Sarah)‏ Jelliman ‏(Jellis‏ ‎(I2086)‎
Birth about 1582 30 26 Of Hundrich, Chesam, Eng.
Burial 15 August 1643 ‏(Age 61)‏ Chesham, Bucks, England

Parents Grandparents
John Jelliman ‎(I2132)‎
Birth about 1552 Of Hundrich, Cheshire, England

Margerie ‏(Family name unknown)‏ ‎(I2133)‎
Birth about 1556 Of Hundrich, Cheshire, England

Family Group Information   (F717)
Globally unique Identifier 5EF7B69AE7ADA54EB3957CF62643D16A8A60