John Holt + Alianore Durvassal

Children  ‎(2 children)‎
Walter Holt ‎(I2041)‎
Birth about 1352 25 23 Coughton, Warwick, England
Katherine Holt ‎(I2032)‎
Birth 1354 27 25 Cocton, Eng

Parents Grandparents
John Holt ‎(I2039)‎
Birth about 1327 Yardley, Worcester, England

Alianore Durvassal ‎(I2040)‎
Birth about 1329 26 21 Of Yardley, Worcester, England
Nicholas Durvassal ‎(I2042)‎
Birth about 1303 Of Coughton, Warwick, England
Rose de Mountford ‎(I2043)‎
Birth about 1308 Of Coughton, Warwick, England

Family Group Information   (F694)
Marriage about 1351 England

Globally unique Identifier 6BC9CD2626B873449659D577ADE094EF0708