Tertullus Count Of Anjou ‏[Count of]‏ + Petronilla De France

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
Ingelger Count Of Anjou ‎(I3570)‎
Birth about 840 17 15
Death about 840 Chateauneuf

Parents Grandparents
Torquat T Rennes ‎(I3703)‎
Birth 800 France

Petronilla De France ‎(I3445)‎
Birth about 825 31 31 Of, Rhineland, Prussia
Hugo "L'Abbe" Bastard France ‎(I3444)‎
Birth about 794 51 24 Of, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
Death 7 June 844 ‏(Age 50)‏
Mrs Hugo L Abbe ‎(I4853)‎
Birth about 794 Prussia

Family Group Information   (F1500)
Globally unique Identifier E4F60F030273F243B864F7C81BE5ABE3FFFD