Monthly Archives: July 2012

Matthew’s new turtles

Matthew really wanted a couple of turtles for his birthday. We looked into it, and new baby red-eared sliders were $50 a piece. If we had to get a tank, filter, light, etc it was going to cost us a lot. I looked on Kijiji and found an ad for a complete set including a 1-year-old turtle and a 4-year-old turtle for $45. The ad said that the turtles liked to go outside and play on the grass and that they had “great personalities”. Matthew was very excited about that, so we went to get them. One turtle is quite large, while the other one is just kind of big. We got a large tank, sunning dock, light, turtle food, turtle snacks, some rocks, a filter plus the turtles. It was a great deal.

When we picked up the turtles, the woman said that they liked to eat guppies. We went to the pet store on Thursday night and asked about guppies, and they said they didn’t have them. I asked what the cheapest thing was that turtles would eat, and they replied, “Anything!” They said that you could get a dozen rosey reds for a couple of bucks, so we went for them. We ended up getting probably 3 dozen for the same price. When we put them in the tank, the turtles eagerly hunted their new food.

I had no idea turtles ate like this. It’s pretty neat. Andrea was with us and took a video. You can see it below or directly on the YouTube site: