Monthly Archives: October 2008

Matthew’s trip to the hospital

Last Tuesday night, I was in the bathroom with the boys when they were getting ready for bed. Matthew went pee, and I happened to notice it wasn’t the right colour. It was very dark. By the time I had called Lisa and she came in, it had diluted so it was hard to tell. We were concerned, but waited until he went to the bathroom again. He was up shortly after going to bed, and we agreed that the pee had blood in it. Lisa took him to the hospital.

Matthew hadn’t been complaining about anything really (other than his normal whining), so we didn’t know what the problem was. At the hospital, they checked him out and said things looked fine. They did a urine test, and he had a blood level (whatever they measure, I’m not sure) of 50. This is high. The pediatrician wanted to keep him in over night to do some tests in the morning. By about 1 am Lisa called me to bring some stuff up to the hospital. I called Dad/Poppa, and he came and looked after Andrew and Christine while I went up to the hospital. Within 15 minutes or so of getting there, they took Matthew up to a room in the pediatric wing. It was a private room with a cot in it for a parent to stay. We decided it would be best if I stayed and that way Lisa could deal with things in the morning at the house. By the time Lisa was gone and Matthew and I were settled, it was pushing 3 am.

At about 7:30 Wednesday morning they told me to get Matthew up so he could get an ultrasound done of his abdomen. He didn’t like how cold the gel was, but other than that, he did fine. The technician was super nice.

Lisa made it up to the hospital shortly after 9 am and we waited for about 2 hours for the results. Matthew had his hospital breakfast (he ate almost all of it) and then we went into the playroom. The pediatrician found us there, and said they couldn’t see anything wrong. The blood count in his most recent urine was down to 3. The ultrasound didn’t show anything. They wondered if he had been hit or kicked at all while playing, but Matthew said now.

So, the end result was nothing. Overall, Matthew was very good. He didn’t like the needle he got that they used to take blood in the Emergency Room. He loved the food (he recognized the Corn Pops as the same thing you feed the bears at Marineland). And he certainly entertained the various nurses.

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my cell phone camera:

New Job

So, to make answering everyone’s questions a lot easier… I got a new job at Future Shop in the Falls. I’ll be making $15 an hour. I start training on Monday and have given my notice to HOCO. My last day there is the 2nd. And I also have to attend Cell University in Toronto from November 3rd to 6th. It’s a paid business trip. Since I’m not seasonal I don’t believe I get a staff discount until 90 days have passed.

Any questions… leave a comment I guess.

New dog

So I got me a new dog. She’s super cute. Two year old Shiba Inu. I named her Kara.