I was trying to post pictures monthly, but it ended up being every other month. Now it’s been three months since the last time. But hey… at least I’m right on the day… today Christine is 10 months old! I’ve done the usual thing and posted pictures in the 20080804 Christine’s 8th, 9th, and 10th Month gallery. These aren’t all of them (there are 18 pictures), but here is a selection of thumbnails:

A lot has happened in the last three months. She’s still as squirmy as ever. She can crawl, and motors around pretty quickly. She can also stand up in her playpen or while holding onto the couch (or other similar things). When you try to walk with her she doesn’t really want to. She wants to get down and crawl away. It’s probably good she can’t walk as when she does, she’ll be everywhere!

She’s a big girl! At her 9 month checkup she weighed 22 pounds. She now has 4 teeth. The front two on the top and bottom are all in at different lengths. She has figured out how to grind her teeth so she can hear them make a noise. She tries to say a couple of words. She says “dada” a lot, occasionally says “mama”, and tries to say “all done” or “ta da”.

She is still a very happy baby. She cries a little more than she used to when she is hungry or when she wants to crawl around, but more often than not she’s smiling, “talking”, and laughing. Andrew and Matthew can really get her going. It’s hilarious to see.

I guess that’s about it. I won’t wait three months before the next posting. I’ll be sure to post right after she turns 1.

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  1. Evy says:

    She’s soooo big and cute too!!!

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