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Christine’s 6th and 7th Months

Christine Lisa Wing at 7 months

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun… and with Christine, time flies fast! She is so much fun. We can’t believe how happy she is. I’ve done the usual thing and posted pictures in the Christine’s 6th and 7th Months gallery. These aren’t all of them (there are 60+ pictures), but here is a selection of thumbnails:

She rarely cries, and is usually making some sort of noise (talking) and smiling. She is out of her “stunned” phase, and now often looks quite serious. She has been eating “solid” foods for a little while. I was teasing Lisa that the foods weren’t really that solid, but I guess it still counts. At her 6 month checkup, she weighed 18 lbs.

She has stopped spitting up (miracles will never cease!) so she doesn’t smell like rotten milk anymore. Yay!! She plays with her feet, and pretty well anything else she can get her hands on. And almost everything she can get her hands on ends up in her mouth. Speaking of hands, she has learned to clap on demand.

She really (that’s an understatement) likes to rock herself. She would go berserk in the Jolly Jumper. She moves her rocking chair across the room (even though it has no wheels). She entertained a group of school kids the other day at Andrew’s school as she rocked herself during a school play. I’d try to describe it (she basically moves forward and back very hard), but seeing is believing. She can usually stay sitting up on her own until she starts rocking and falls over.

She has her first two teeth (I call them bottom front teeth, Lisa calls them lower incisors). As has happened with Andrew and Matthew, the arrival of teeth also meant she was sick. She tries to pull herself up whenever she is down (physically, not emotionally). She can get into a crawling position but doesn’t move anywhere yet.

Lastly, she is a pretty funny girl. As I said, she smiles all the time. The other day we were driving to Lisa’s parents place (Christine’s Grandma and Grandpa) and she sneezed and then giggled like she had told a joke or something. It was very funny!