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Classic Nintendo (NES) games online

I’ve only ever owned one video game console system and that was the original Nintendo (NES) system. I didn’t have very many games, but I loved playing Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Several years ago I learned about emulators. I’m not sure exactly how this works, but essentially emulators are software that duplicates the game environment so it can be played in Windows.

I had forgotten about emulators until the other day when I was looking for a game online. I was expecting to find a Flash version of the game, but came across an emulator from NESCafe Web. As I looked into this further, there are loads of games now available online. They use Java to power them and they are exactly the same as the originals. Very cool!

To find a game, I’d suggest searching for the name of the game and NEScafe (for instance, searching for Tetris would require you to search for “tetris NEScafe” without the quotes).

If you are interested, here are the links I found to my favourite games:

Pictures from Christmas

I have a bit of time in the evenings this week, so as we’ve been watching the Star Wars movies, I’ve been putting the galleries online. I have 3 galleries ready from Christmas:

  • 20071224 Christmas Eve Party – There are pictures from the annual Christmas Eve party at our house
  • 20071225 Christmas Day – Lisa’s parents were here for the Christmas Eve party and stayed over. These are pictures of the 3 kids and all of their presents.
  • 20071227-29 Christmas Dinner at Church – On Thursday, December 27 we had our big family dinner (after a bunch of us were sick on Boxing Day) and then on Saturday we all got together again (unfortunately without Jason). These are pictures of the gym, us eating, as well as the various group pictures we tried to take.

Greetings from the West

Hello Family. It has been a while since I have put up a posting, so here goes! Life is good. Christmas was so wonderful, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone and I dreaded going to work that Monday… hahaha. This past week has been really busy with YSA stuff and all around good times. I went to Edmonton with some friends on Saturday, rode the roller coasters and rides at the West Edmonton Mall. It was so much fun! We were out really late and then drove home. But no worries family I was extremely well rested and it was an alert, uneventful drive home.

This week has been work and work and work (and hanging out with Aden). Next weekend I am going to Lethbridge. So at least I am getting outside of Calgary a bit more now.

Hmmmmm that is about all for now, not an exciting post but meeeehhh what can you do?

I will post some pictures of my car and some picture of the West Ed Mall….. eventually. Love you all!

Christine’s Third Month


Yes, I know I’m a bit late, but Christine reached 3 months on Jan 4. I’ve posted pictures in the Christine’s Third Month gallery

She is doing great! She seems to be able to recognize us now. She especially recognizes Lisa as she gets the biggest smiles. Lisa loves putting all the colourful clothing on her. Her favourite outfit is a polka dot dress with striped leotards (there should be some pictures in the family gallery above).

Christine spends a lot of time doing tummy crunches. I guess she is still trying to keep her girlish figure. She does not like to be lying down. She likes to sit up and look around. Some people say she always looks like she is surprised (as shown by the picture above).

She is still throwing up a little after eating. The boys and I have started calling her Puke-adot (Lisa’s favourite dress plus Christine’s favourite habit).

Here’s a sneak peak for next month… she rolled over yesterday!

Lastly, when Julia was here she bought a new web cam and gave us her old one. If any of the non-locals want to see the kids, get one for your computer and we can “chat”… like Julia and Aden 🙂