Monthly Archives: December 2007

Christine’s Second Month


Wow, time really does fly! Christine is now a few days over two months old. She is growing like a weed. I’ve posted pictures in the Christine’s Second Month gallery.

This week Christine went to the doctor and had her first set of booster shots. She didn’t like them. Matthew told Christine that it was going to be fun. Then Matthew got his flu shot (he called it a flu-lo shot) on the same day and told Lisa they had to stop going there. Christine now weighs 12 lb 5 oz and is 60 cm long with a 40 cm head.

She is cooing and smiling a lot more. At the Ward Christmas Party last night she was Miss Personality, “talking” with people who held her or came to talk to her.

Lisa is very happy because she has slept through the night 6 of the last 7 nights. Yee Haw (Lisa’s words)!