Christine is already two weeks old! She is awake more than before, and when she is awake, she’s a lot more alert. We know she can’t see very much around her, but it always seems like she’s investigating something.

So far, she only cries when she’s hungry. She’ll fuss a bit when she’s got gas, but once that passes (pun intended), she’s fine. She wakes up once or twice during the night. Lisa’s been trying to get her on a schedule, but it takes a while.

Lisa’s Mom has been a big help. We’ve joked that Christine is going to go through withdrawals because Grandma won’t be holding her all the time (Grandma will deny that). She’s helped Lisa keep up with stuff during the day, and also taken each of the boys out for some alone time.

I’ve posted some pictures of Christine from her second week…

2 Comments to “Christine’s Second Week”

  1. Julia Wing says:

    oh my goodness she is so cute! It is killing me that I have not held her yet!

  2. Alisa says:

    So cute! Can we come and visit on Saturday the 27th?

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