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Christine’s Third Week


Christine is now 3 weeks old! She went for a check-up on Wednesday. She’s doing great. She passed her hearing and PKU tests and has gained 11 ounces since birth (she is now 9lbs 6oz). The midwife could hear a mild heart murmur but wasn’t concerned. Apparently fetuses have a hole in their heart, and sometimes the flap doesn’t close right at birth . She’ll listen again at her 7 week check-up and it may have corrected itself by then. We’re not worried about it at all as Christine seems very healthy.

Christine is very strong, she doesn’t like to lay flat she always tries to pull her head up or tries to roll over. Even in her stroller she has to be sitting up. Overall, she is a very peaceful baby.

Graham has put up some pictures of her in the 20071025 Christine’s Third Week gallery…

Christine’s Second Week

Christine is already two weeks old! She is awake more than before, and when she is awake, she’s a lot more alert. We know she can’t see very much around her, but it always seems like she’s investigating something.

So far, she only cries when she’s hungry. She’ll fuss a bit when she’s got gas, but once that passes (pun intended), she’s fine. She wakes up once or twice during the night. Lisa’s been trying to get her on a schedule, but it takes a while.

Lisa’s Mom has been a big help. We’ve joked that Christine is going to go through withdrawals because Grandma won’t be holding her all the time (Grandma will deny that). She’s helped Lisa keep up with stuff during the day, and also taken each of the boys out for some alone time.

I’ve posted some pictures of Christine from her second week…

Christine’s First Week


Christine is already a week old and doing very well. The midwife came over yesterday and weighed her. She hasn’t gained back her weight, but they aren’t concerned as all other signs point to a healthy baby.

Andrew and Matthew love her very much. Andrew will sing to her, and Matthew does a scary face because supposedly she likes it.

Lisa’s trying to get her on a schedule for feedings. Last night she slept for a 6-hour stretch, so they’re making progress.

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Christine Lisa Wing’s birth announcement


It is a tradition… we screw up every birth announcement! We were sure we had this one right. I read it out loud to Lisa several times, and then I had it repeated back to me by the person at the newspaper. Everything seemed fine. Of course it isn’t. Did you see the mistake? Yes, Christine has 3 uncles, not 2. We have no idea who we missed. I guess it’s hard keeping everyone straight when you try to mention 27 people in one way or another (we only mentioned 26). Sorry Jeff, Jason, and Rob!

Timeline of Christine’s birth

7:10 am – left home
7:30 am – arrived at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital
7:40 am – Lindsey, the midwife, arrived. Lisa put on the hospital gown and got wired up so they could monitor the baby’s heartbeat.
8:00 am – I went to admitting to get Lisa’s hospital card
8:15 am – Dr. Ngwube came and checked things out. He said Lisa’s condition was very favourable for induction. She was 2-3 cm dilated and everything else was good. He broke the water.
8:20 am – Lindsey got the IV prepped
8:45 am – They started the antibiotics and the oxytocin. The oxytocin was started at 2mL/h
9:15 am – Lisa was moved from the assesment room to one of the Labour and Delivery rooms. The oxytocin was increased to 4 mL\h
9:25 am -Lisa had her first “real” contraction.
9:45 am – The oxytocin was increased to 6mL\h
10:15 am – The oxytocin was increased to 8 mL\h
10:45 am – The oxytocin was increased to 10mL\h
11:00 am – The contractions were getting harder, and Lisa had to start moving her legs in order to get through them
11:15 am – The oxytocin was increased to 12mL\h. Lindsey said that this is as high as she would go without the obstetrician’s orders
11:45 am – Lisa wanted something for pain. Lindsey checked and Lisa was dilated to 5 cm. Lisa was given a shot of Morphine which helped take the edge off the contractions
12:20 pm – Lisa said she was really tired and really hot and in a lot of pain. The midwife called for the other midwife to come in (they always have 2 people for the delivery)
12:25 pm – Lisa was crying and wanted to push
12:32 pm – Lisa was allowed to push for the first time. Lindsey could see a little of the head. The 2nd midwife hadn’t arrived yet, so one of the hospital nurses was assisting
12:46 pm – After 14 minutes of pushing, Christine Lisa Wing was born! She was 8 lbs 11 oz (3.9399 kg), was 22.75″ long (58cm), and had a head that was 36cm in circumference
1:30 pm – The second midwife, Jen, finally arrived and helped with the care afterwards

Lisa’s mom got there at about 12:40 and waited out in the hall for us. She got to come in close to 1:30 pm. After 2 pm Mom, Dad, Nanny, and Andrea came with Andrew and Matthew to visit. The boys were very excited, but were probably more excited about the toys Grandma had bought them 🙂

I stayed with Lisa until around 6 pm. Traci from Church had come to visit. Lisa planned on letting Christine go to the nursery for the night so she could get some sleep. They will be coming home this morning.

Christine seems to be very alert and quite quiet (can it be… a quiet kid?!).

Pictures of baby Christine

Well, she finally came! We got to the hospital this morning at about 7:30 and within an hour or so they started the medication to induce labour. By around 10:30 Lisa was starting to experience some strong contractions. The contractions kept getting stronger. She had a shot of Morphine to help with the pain. At around 12:30 she was crying because of the pain, so the midwife had her start pushing. At 12:46 Christine was born! She was 8 lb 11 oz and was 22.75″ long.


I’ve put up a gallery of pictures of her first few hours. You can view them in the 20071004 Christine’s Day 1 gallery.