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The last of the galleries (for now…)

I can’t believe it. I’m finally caught up!  I’ll try to post things as they happen instead of putting them all up at once.

Here are the last (and most recent) galleries:

  • 20070728 – 20070801 Buckhorn – The annual trip up to Buckhorn is always fantastic. Graham went up for a few days, and then dropped off the boys at Lisa’s parent’s house on the way home. Lisa stayed up at the cottage for the full week.
  • 20070905 and 20070910 Andrew’s First Day of School and Taking the Bus – Andrew started Junior Kindergarten this year. There is a phased in start to the school where the kids go with a parent, and then for a regular day but in a smaller class. Everyone is together at the start of the second week. That is also when the bus starts. Andrew is taking the bus to school this year and is very excited about it.
  • 20070924 Bronto’s Adventure Playland – There is a new attraction on Clifton Hill called Bronto’s Adventure Playland. It is essentially just a big indoor jungle gym. The boys loved it!

More galleries put up tonight

Since the baby still isn’t here yet (most of us aren’t very good guessers), I’ve put up some more galleries:

The next ones to go up are from Buckhorn…


I got a job. Graham told me to post about it.

I’ll be working for my professor Dr. Dean Knight. He was the director of the dig I went on this summer. He is in the process of writing a paper to be published later this year and he needs someone to be in charge of the graphics, maps, pictures, and to alter and photoshop certain pictures. For example, he has one picture that he scanned that was on graph paper and I need to remove the graph lines. I’ll be classified as his research assistant. Pretty cool.

Once we’re done the manuscript I’ll be working in the lab in the archaeology department with him.

That’s it for now. Ta Ta

Update to image gallery

I’m way behind on posting pictures to the family gallery. I guess I’ve found other things to do on those boring Saturday’s at work.

Anyway, tonight I got 3 galleries from earlier in the year put up:

  • 20070421 Ball’s Falls – Brianna went with us to Ball’s Falls in the spring. It was a beautiful day. The trees hadn’t started to bud yet, but the moss was green, which made for great scenery. There is a great picture of Brianna with the boys.
  • 20070609 Toronto Zoo – This is from our annual trip to the Toronto Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Rowland. It was probably our best trip ever. The weather was great, and there were lots of animals out.
  • 20070616 Father’s Day – These are pictures from our family dinner at Nanny’s house.


Hey family,

I added a picture of my room, I took a few but I can not figure out how to add more that one picture.

Anyway life in Calgary so far is great. My roommates are so nice. They have helped me to feel really welcome. I am completely unpacked now so that feels great.

The job scene here to dental hygienists is insane. It is every bit as good as I have been told. Institute starts next week which I am excited about and the activities this week (Welcome Week) have been really fun. Yesterday was rollerblading (my ankles hurt!) , and tonight is a corn roast, and tomorrow is an outdoor dance, I am excited about the outdoor dance that will be fun.

So that is it for now, keep me updated with family happenings,