Monthly Archives: June 2007

Andrew’s first year of school is over

Andrew finished his first year of school and did very well. He has learned so much already, and is doing amazing with his reading and spelling.

We’ve had a couple of days of “celebration” for him. On Tuesday (his last day of school), I had some meetings in the evening at Church, and I told him he could stay up until I got home. Around 9 pm I was on my way home and I called him asking what treats he wanted me to bring home. He said he wanted chips, ice cream, and pop, and that was it. I got chips, dips, and pop and we watched some cartoons when I got home. He was up until about 11 pm (3 1/2 hours past his school bed time).

Then yesterday he went with Lisa, Matthew, and Andrea to Marineland in the afternoon, and then we did the tourist thing in Niagara Falls when I was done work. We played glow-in-the-dark mini-putt, went up the Ferris wheel, ate at Boston Pizza, went through Movieland, and played in the midway. We had a great time, but as you can imagine, both Andrew and Matthew fell asleep on the way home.



Our 3rd child in all her 3D glory

Yesterday after work we had an appointment to have a 3D ultrasound done. It’s amazing what you can see! Some of the shots look very strange as other things get in the way, but you can clearly make out the features of the baby, along with various body parts (arms, legs, fingers, toes). I’ve posted all of the pictures in the family gallery in the 20070619 3D Ultrasound section.